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5 Books That Changed the Way I See Things

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According to statistics, approximately 95% of our society settles for far less than they want in life, wishing they had more, living with regret, and never understanding that they could be, do, and have all that they want.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be one of the 5 percent. Being part of the 5% requires thinking differently, meaning, you have to do what others are resistant to. And that includes reading books!

Reading is one of the fantastic ways to learn. It’s also way better than wasting time watching Netflix (except for the documentaries) and being mindless zombies scrolling social media.

Learning doesn’t stop after graduation. We are so privileged that we are able to continuously learn. With the vast amount of resources on the internet and libraries, we can discover something new anytime and anywhere.

I believe as I’m sure most of you as well, that continuous learning not only keeps your passion alive but will also help you further.


Reading will always give you a new perspective on life. 

Having said that, let me share with you 5 of my favorite books as I try my best to explain how they have changed the way I see things. Maybe they’ll change the way you see the world as well!

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1. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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I am a psychology person and I love understanding the way things revolve around me. Reading this book made me think about certain habits in my life. Habit is a choice that we deliberately make at some point and then stop thinking about it, but continue doing, often every day. I began questioning myself, “What are my habits? Are my habits good or bad? Are they making me productive or ineffective?”

I loved the part when the author explains a different aspect of why habits exist and how they function. The anecdotes used in this book are so powerful and relevant that readers will feel a lot of “aha” moments. One “aha” moment for me was knowing I can easily hack my biology by knowing how my habits are formed.

This is the book I always recommend to my friends when they ask me for a good read.

2. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

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This is a super read, which will either make you feel great or terrible about yourself because of the time you spend on your screen. Cal Newport called it a “creeping unease” that people feel about the growing time spent on screens.

Wherever you look, people are glued to their phones. It’s affecting the way they live. People became mindless zombies not because they want it but technology companies spend billions of dollars to make their platforms more addictive. This book even talks about employees of some big social media companies left their job and working on educating people on this topic.

This changed the way I see my digital life because it expresses the importance of taking a break from social media and what it does to our brain. Digital minimalism is all about being intentional.

Read this is you want to get the most out of life!

3. The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma

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Robin Sharma is one of my favorite storytellers. I’ve also read his other works, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Leader Who Had No Title.

It’s my first time reading a kind of book where it’s the author uses narrative stories to share his wisdom and making it an enjoyable read. I’m not an early riser and I could never make it stick. But after reading this, I started implementing the daily morning rituals stated. And it’s really helping me out in numerous ways.

This book is probably one of the best self-help and productivity books.

4. The TimeKeeper by Mitch Albom

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This is a fiction book that tells the importance of time in the journey of life. It shows how we all keep on demanding more or less time but still, it never stops or exceeds.

The book has 3 major characters, Dor (Father Time), Sarah Lemon, and Victor Delamonte.

Dor lived in an era when there was no measuring of time. God, knowing what would happen to the human race once the time was discovered, Dor (Father Time) and imprisoned him in a cave for 6,000 years. In the cave, Dor listened to the voices on earth who suffer from time. After his punishment has been completed, Dor is allowed back in the world to help two people understand time: Victor, who wants time to go slower, and Sarah, who wants time to go faster.

Lessons: Live in the moment. Make your life matter while you’re still alive. There’s no point trying to rush time or to wish time to come back.

Read this if you want to get inspired!

5. The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

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The best finance book for me. I’ve read many investment and financial books before this one but this is a game-changer. If you think working for 9-5 every day and retiring at age 65 is a good idea, read this book.

MJ DeMarco’s three different “roadmaps” to wealth: The Sidewalk, Slowlane, and Fastlane. Sidewalkers are lazy people looking for “big hits” like the lottery instead of building wealth-generating processes. They believe someone is in control of their life and they need luck to be wealthy.

The slow lane roadmap is the path that most people are sold for becoming wealthy: Work hard every day, put your money in index funds, and the stock market, retire when you’re 65. Fastlane is “creating an optimal environment for rapid wealth creation and extraordinary lifestyles.”

This book might be a little uncomfortable to read but it’s a strikes home hard.

I love books and I love making book lists. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming book review or book list, please feel free to write them in the comments below!


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