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AudioBooksNow Review + Enjoy 50% Off Discount

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About AudiobooksNow

2020 10 01

AudiobooksNow has been around since 2000 and it’s a premier service for downloading and streaming audiobooks developed by, the leading online book, and audiobook rental service.

They work through reduced costs from full-price audiobooks and they don’t offer free credit or an unlimited listening approach unlike Audible or

AudiobooksNow Free Trial

How to download AudiobooksNow?

Users can stream or download audiobook purchases from their website, or download them to our free Android, Nook, or Apple iOS apps, and on your Kindle Fire. You can be listening to your selections within seconds of purchasing them.

How much do AudioBooksNow cost?

Their Club Pricing Plan offers 50% off your first audiobook purchase and 35-40% off each additional purchase each month ***30 Day Free Trial***. Or, you simply purchase your audiobooks at our everyday low prices (no plan required).

If you are already a member of, you automatically qualify for the discounted club pricing at no additional charge (a $4.99/month savings).


How to cancel AudioBooksNow account?

Go to your “Account” top right on your mobile or browser. Click the “Deactivate Monthly Club Pricing” button.

How many books can I listen a month on AudioBooksNow?

Sky is the limit.

How many books can you return on AudioBooks Now?

Unlike Audible where you can return a book if you don’t like it, Audiobooks Now doesn’t allow that. However, if you are having any issues and you can contact their customer support.

Can you keep AudioBooks Now books after the free trial?

Yes, you still purchased the books in your free trial.

Do I lose my books if I cancel AudioBooks Now?

No, they’ll still be in your library but you just won’t be able to get discounts on future purchases.

Do you own the audiobooks forever?

Yes, you can keep them forever.

Can I listen to AudioBooksNow without a subscription?

Yes, all this will mean is you are paying full price for all the books you wish to listen to.

AudioBooksNow vs Audible

AudioBooks Now does not offer credit or tokens, unlike Audible. Instead, the subscription provides you with discounts on audiobooks. So if you pay the $4.99 per month you will then get 50% off your first audiobook then 35-40% off any following purchases. This is very different as you never actually get given a book but still must pay for subscriptions, although the monthly fee is a lot lower.

Book Comparison

Audiobook ProviderAudibleAudiobooks Now
Monthly Price$14.95$4.99
Book 1: The Outward Mindset$14.95$8.47
Book 2: Outliers$30.79$13.49
Book 3: The Everything Store$28.50$12.49

The Verdict

So the conclusion seems to be 1-3 books a month will make AudiobooksNow cheaper here. It still depends on what books you’re listening to and the price on each platform. If you love listening to audiobooks and saving money, this app is for you.

The only downside is that it takes time to get accustomed to as you probably aren’t familiar with the reduced membership offering. But you can still find hidden gems if you take the time to explore. With a 30 day free trial available, give it a try, maybe you’ll like it more than Audible.

Start your free trial here.


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