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Creating Wealth Through Property by Carl Dy Book Summary and Notes

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Creating Wealth Through Property by Carl Dy

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This is the latest book I’ve finished from my growing list of must-reads. Creating Wealth Through Property is a small book that tells 42 inspiring tales on real estate of famous personalities and characters invited by Carl Dy on his 42nd birthday.

About Carl Dy

Carl Dy is an architect by education. He is the President of Spectrum Investments, a property portfolio management company. He has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry working for property giant Ayala Land as Sales Director of Ayala Land Premier.

Life starts no matter what you’re into. Life begets decent living. Though it is relative, your definition of decent living is marked by how much you have prepared, saved, and eventually afforded. – Mannix Pabalan

Summary Notes

Have a Plan

Property and real estate is always a good investment so long as due diligence is done before the acquisition and making sure that everything is in order. It also requires a huge sum of money. Owning real estate is an emotional purchase. Thus, a person shall have a sound financial plan in order to pursue this kind of investment.

35% of disposable income should be dedicated to it. Anything higher than that, you’re probably living above your means. – Luis Limlingan

Do Your Research

Seek help from experts. Have mentors. Consider strategic location, accessibility, be aware of the reputation of the developer. Know the right time to buy. You can’t go wrong when you do your research.


There’s no better way to start your journey in investing than to study. It is beneficial to understand first what you are getting into and that applies to all the investment decisions you make. – Rex Holgado

Know Your Intentions

Are you going to rent it out? Give it as an inheritance to your future family? Sell it? The objectives have to be clear to properly attack the real estate market.

Deal With the Right People

Are your developers and brokers reliable? You don’t want to hear stories about your investments gone wrong because the titles are not in order. Have a broker who has your best interest and not wanting commission.

Business, investment, and real estate is a war. Choose wisely who you want next to your trenches. – Mica Tan

Health Is the True Wealth of Human Beings

You can earn money for years if you are healthy. Always live within your means without depriving yourself. Do not be lazy. Stay fit and healthy.

Spread Risks Into Different Investments

Diversify. Not just liquid stocks and time deposits. Properties are good investments over the long term. They can build capital and earn cash flow. Your portfolio must be balanced and prudent portfolio that will be handy in the future. When stock prices go down, the price of real estate rises up, avoids possible disaster in the portfolio. Buy low (pre-selling) and sell high by having a good network of contacts.

With so many investments out there, it’s not about finding the best investment but about finding the best investment that fits you. – Marvin Germo

Don’t Forget Your Family

Real estate can be different for people. For others, it’s just an investment, for some it’s a home that marks memories. The cycle of our modern life is that we rush everything we do. For just one day, go home and do nothing. Improve life connections with the people you care for the most. Contracts, fame, and fortune can wait until tomorrow.

The properties offered by a property may be nice, but the companionship of loved ones is essential. – Francis Kong

We Are God’s Stewards

Create streams of income, then have more than enough to buy the property and create value for the community. Share. You can’t bring your wealth to the next life anyway. Remember that God has his own mysterious ways of helping his faithful.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Proverbs 13:22

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Walk on water. Invest in the right things. Invest first in your future. Young men nowadays have different priorities, but keep in mind that you probably don’t want to live with your parents for the rest of your life.

“One needs braveness and set priorities to turn things to reality.” ISAY ALVAREZ

Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Always have a vision and look beyond. Having a winner’s mentality is thinking you can always recover and earn exponentially. Take risks and have self-discipline.

Study, buy, learn, grow abilities, repeat. – Jayson Lo

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Book Review

This book is quite an eye-opener in terms of gaining insight into the things you need to deal with in this type of investment.

In the past, I’ve read several investments and personal finance books, and I’ve taken gems of wisdom. But this book made a mark on me and helped me achieve my goal when it comes to financial freedom.

I thought this book is a step-by-step guide about owning real estate, but it’s full of fascinating testimonies. I learned how to manage and own a rental property and what makes it a good business.

For students like me who started envisioning having their own place, read this book. Add real estate to your save list now. Choose it over a gorgeous and sleek car that most young fresh out of university people would salivate for. With consistent learning and applying, bit by bit, surely we will achieve financial independence.

Thanks for reading! Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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