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Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson BOOK SUMMARY

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expert secrets cravinggreatreads blog

In the ‘Secrets Trilogy’, I’ve first read the Traffic Secrets which was absolutely amazing! Even though it’s the third book, I didn’t need any more convincing that Russell Brunson (the author) was the real deal. So I went back and read the first two, I highly recommend them!

Russell’s books are game-changers. I started implementing the tips and advice he had mentioned which I think is crucial in this era of “influencers”.

You can get a free copy though by clicking here (just pay for the shipping and handling fee)

Expert Secrets One Sentence Summary

Expert Secrets is the practical playbook for becoming an expert, finding your voice, creating a mass movement of people, and helping others as you get to where you are. ​

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a pioneer within the entrepreneurial world. While studying at college, he developed his first online company. Within a year of graduation, he had sold over a million dollars’ worth of products. He co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps entrepreneurs get their message out to the marketplace.


He now has over a million followers and has sold hundreds of thousands of books. — Dotcom Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

dotcom secrets cravinggreatreads blog
Dotcom Secrets will help you to learn the secrets of growing your company online with sales funnels that helped literally tens of thousands of companies around the world.
traffic secrets cravinggreatreads blog
Traffic Secrets provides evergreen strategies and long-term stuff that you can use to build a list of buyers and followers in record time

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Why Expert Secrets Is A Must-read Book for Any Entrepreneurs or Online Marketers?

  • Expert Secrets will help you to find your voice and give you the confidence to become a leader.
  • Expert Secrets will show you how to build a movement of people whose lives you can change.
  • Expert Secrets will teach you how to make this calling, a career.

Here is What Robert Kiyosaki Said About The Book

“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents, and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Expert Secrets Notes & Key Takeaways

From the trilogy, I think this was the best book. I took notes and I’m going to share it with you.

Now, my brief summary here doesn’t do the book justice. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy!

To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour. 

Sir Winston Churchill

Introduction: How to Change the Lives of the Customers You’ve Been Called to Serve

  • There is a difference between making a funnel and making a funnel that converts visitors into lifelong customers.
  • There are two types of expert business: selling information products vs leveraging information products to grow an existing company.
  • Look at your business as a movement of people, not as a product or service.
  • Whatever you are an expert in, learn it inside and out. It should be something that you “geek out on” and could talk about for hours. 


Before you can be called an Expert, you need someone or a group of people who follow you and look up to you for advice, guidance, and support. They are your audience, fans or you can call it a tribe.

Creating Your Mass Movement
  1. The Attractive Character/Charismatic Leader – You may not be a born leader, but you can become one if you follow some simple and straightforward rules. Every skill can be learned and mastered. Russell says “You just have to be one chapter ahead of your audience.” 

Russell also gives advice how to:

  • Find your target market
  • Understand how to best appeal to them with your product
  • Write targeted marketing messages 
Expert Secrets The Attractive Character cravinggreatreads blog

2. Focus on a future-based cause – The ‘expert’ offers someone a new opportunity and then guides them to a result with a future-based cause. Here Russell teaches how you can create true followers for yourself and your brand.

Expert Secrets Review The Cause cravinggreatreads blog

3. Offer a New Opportunity – Create and present your products or services that will benefit your followers in achieving their desired outcomes.

Expert Secrets The New Opportunity cravinggreatreads blog

5 Phases to Become an Expert

Phase #1: The Dreamer (It Starts with a Spark) – develop your passion or expertise. Identify things that speak your interest and engage with those things.

Phase #2: Taking on the Identity of the Reporter – be teachable. Start learning everything from multiple points of view so that you can create your own frameworks. Take on the identity of the reporter and interview everyone you can get access to who is a few chapters ahead of where you are right now.

Phase #3: Building Your Own Frameworks – You’re a framework creator. Take the information you’ve learned from tons of different sources from other and make your personal hypothesis/framework.

Phase #4: Work for Free – test your frameworks and make sure that they work for other people too.

Phase #5: Becoming an Expert -start using your frameworks and leading people as an expert.


If something wasn’t working in your funnel, it was always the hook, the story, or the offer.

  • Hooks: hook people in with something that grabs their attention; can be anything (words, images, actions)
  • Story: Tell a good story behind it. This builds value and connection
  • Offer: offer a fix to their problem. A call to action (but doesn’t always mean buying something)

The section covers 6 secrets of creating belief:

1. The Big Domino:  Just like the game, once you understand where to focus, you can educate, inspire your loyal followers to purchase your products and services.

2. The Epiphany Bridge: can be regarded as the lightbulb of an idea.  This is a story that takes people through the emotional experience to get them understand you and your brand.

Expert Secrets Epiphany Bridge cravinggreatreads blog

3. The Hero’s Two Journey: Russell teaches you how personal brand and story become something that people can relate to through storytelling.

Expert Secrets Hero's 2 Journeys cravinggreatreads blog

4. The Epiphany Bridge Script: Combining the Epiphany Bridge and the Hero’s Two Journey, this chapter lets you build a script that you can use to implement your character and story. 

Expert Secrets Epiphany Bridge Script cravinggreatreads blog

5. False Belief Patterns: Russell teaches you how to rewrite the story that’s inside of people’s heads. Replace false beliefs and stories with new ones.

Expert Secrets Book False Belief Patters cravinggreatreads blog

6. The 3 Secrets: How to be successful in sales

Expert Secrets Book The 3 Secrets cravinggreatreads blog


If you know something that could benefit someone else, shouldn’t you share it with them? 

The Stack Slide: What value/offer do you have for your customers? Russell shows you how to effectively build your own and convince customers to buy from you.

Expert Secrets - Stack Slide cravinggreatreads blog

The Perfect Webinar: this secret teaches you how to successfully sell your services online via a webinar. They’re the best lead generation and sales mechanism because you can run multiple webinars per day, as often as you’d like.

The following 4 chapters are part of what make up a perfect webinar:

  • The One Thing 
  • Breaking and Rebuilding Patterns
  • The Stack
  • Trial Closes
Expert Secrets - Perfect Webinar cravinggreatreads blog


The Funnels section is organized into 5 chapters:

  • The Perfect Webinar Model
  • The Four Question Close
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack
  • Email Epiphany Funnels
  • Epiphany Product Launch Funnels

Just like Zig Ziglar, the famous entrepreneur, and author, Russell believes that you can make money when you challenge yourself to help others. You will be rewarded also and you’ll reap the benefits of creating opportunities for people.


The final secret concludes with the prompt: Fill Your Funnel.

This section teaches you how to drive targeted traffic to your sales funnels and a few other secrets to jump-start your success as an expert.

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Book Review

This is the best sales book and the best marketing book I’ve ever read. No kidding. It changed the way I look at being an expert. It was packed with actionable advice, wisdom, and insights that I’ve been able to use in my business.

By building a tribe, you have people following and trusting every word you say and you can convince them to buy when you want them too. And that’s powerful.

If you want to launch and grow a business, you should take the time to read this book. So many gems in here.

Where to Get Expert Secrets?

If the information I have provided to you makes you at all excited, you are going to love the next part. This book and all of the knowledge that it provides to you, are FREE! All you need to do is pay for shipping and handling (click here).

You could also grab it on Amazon, but buying through the Free + Shipping page gives you some sweet discounted upsell offers.

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Bonus #1 – Expert Evolution “How To Become The Leader Your Tribe Has Been Waiting For…” Total Value: $97.00

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Bonus #2 – Hook, Story, Offer“If Something Isn’t Working, It’s Always Either Your Hook, Story, Or Your Offer!” Total Value: $97.00

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Bonus #4 – The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar“How To Make Mini Perfect Webinars To Sell Physical eCommerce Products…” Total Value: $97.00

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Bonus #5 – 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge!“Learn How To Apply The Principles Of Expert Secrets During The 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge!” Total Value: $97.00


Thanks for reading! Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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