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Book Summary: Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

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Traffic Secrets focuses on the most critical traffic of the 21st century: social media traffic. It provides an understanding of who your dream customers are. Additionally, Traffic Secrets explains how to know where are they congregating online and to encourage the right customers to gravitate towards you.

Traffic is just people. This book will also help you to create the right hook to attract your dream customers into your funnels through irresistible offers.

About Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a pioneer within the entrepreneurial world. While studying at college, he developed his first online company. Within a year of graduation, he had sold over a million dollars’ worth of products. He co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps entrepreneurs get their message out to the marketplace.

He now has over a million followers and has sold hundreds of thousands of books.  — Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.


Dotcom Secrets explains the science of sales funnels and how you can use them to build and grow your business online. Expert Secrets on the other hand is focused on the art of building a personal brand and how you can use it to build raving fans and loyal customers.

What Are the Types of Traffic?

  1. Direct traffic – traffic from people who visit your website themselves
  2. Referral traffic – traffic that comes from outbound links
  3. Organic traffic – when people who search for a product you’re selling
  4. Social traffic – driven by your social media presence


“They think that as long as they build the best product or service, people will just show up to buy it.”― Russell Brunson, Traffic Secrets

In humans, the heart circulates energy and oxygen to your body. In your business, content circulates resources and people. They are your company’s heartbeat. Without them, your company will be dead.

Russell credits Chet Holmes with much of what he shares in the book. Chet’s “Dream 100” from the ‘Ultimate Sales Machine’ was the inspiration for much of this book.

The Dream 100 List

You have to observe successful people working in a similar space and see what they are doing to become successful. Learn their patterns. Model them (don’t copy).

Russell says the dream 100 is the foundation of ClickFunnels. He said ClickFunnels had a “dream 736” before it launched.

You’ll Only Hit a Fraction or Your 100. The aim is not to get all 100 onboard but to get as many as possible. It’s okay to have less than 10 at first. Build relationships with them. The more you build authority and reputation in your niche, it’ll be easier to infiltrate your dream 100.

You must produce content, coupled with traffic, to help your business grow.

The Dream 100

Three things to consider before creating content

  1. Find Your Market – Your business will fit into one of the categories that have withstood the test of time: health, wealth, and relationships. For example, self-development would fit into “relationships”.
  2. Find Your Submarket – Consider your business at a more specific level. 
  3. Find Your Niche – Your niche is where you make your money as a business. You must be very specific. For example, you don’t have a niche if you started a channel on Internet Marketing, and you are just talking broadly.

Hook, Story, Offer

  • Hooks: hook people in with something that grabs their attention; can be anything (words, images, actions)
  • Story: Tell a good story behind it. This builds value and connection.
  • Offer: offer a fix to their problem. A call to action ( but doesn’t always mean buying something)

Dig Your Well Before Your Thirsty

Build relationships before you’re asking for something. This is covered at length in the book Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty” by Harvey Mackay.

This idea is one that is often neglected by entrepreneurs. Lay the groundwork before reaping the rewards of forming strong collaborations. 

  1. Subscribe to everything they publish. Start engaging with your dream 100’s materials. Like, comment, and share their posts.
  2. Buy their products 
  3. Find ways to help them. Seek out a collaboration.

Over time, your name’s going to start popping up, and they’ll start to recognize you. Try to build goodwill and add value first. 

Think as a Producer, Not a Consumer

Consider yourself as a producer vs consumer. Don’t use social to be social. Instead, think of social media platforms as business platforms. Spending more than 10 mins per day consuming content is too much.

Refining your customer avatar – You want to know who you’re talking to and how they found your content. Doing this will allow you to personalize content to specific groups of people.

Always think when you are producing content: “Would the customer avatar like this?”

If you’re for everyone, then you’re really for no one. You won’t drive any meaningful traffic if you are not identifying a niche and targeting your business’ content to that niche.

Conversation Types

  • Smartphones = TV.
  • Radio = Podcasts
  • Talk Shows = Facebook
  • Reality TV = Instagram
  • Sitcoms = YouTube
  • Newspapers = Blogs.
  • Direct Mail = Email
Traffic Secret Channels

Work Your Way In. Russell gave the example of Hollywood actors when they have an upcoming movie, they go on talk shows in the weeks before the launch. Do this and get on your dream 100 platforms (not yours). Try to be consistent and do 2+ per week.

Email Marketing

You should average $1 per subscriber per month. Most of the time they go unopened so supplement with other communication mediums (1) SMS (2) Retargeting Ads (3) Messenger

Convert Emails to $ with Follow Up Funnels. “Not following up with your prospects and customers is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain!” – David Frey

The most powerful way to get someone to take action is by using emotion. Russell says 50% buy based on the emotional part, 30% from the logical, and the last 20% from fear.

Everyone Answers When You Have a Show. Russell tells a great story about Arsenio Hall and how he was a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice many years after his show ended. He couldn’t reach anyone when he needed favors because he didn’t have anything to give in return anymore.

DotCom Secrets Seinfeld Email Sequence

Starting Your Show

The best time is NOW.

Gary Vee said that influencers “Trying to oversell themselves because they think that’s what’s going to get people’s attention,” is one of the biggest mistakes people make in their personal brand. “I think it’s more fruitful to talk about your process than about the actual advice you ‘think’ you should be giving them.

  • Step #1 Publish Daily for 1 Year. This will refine your voice.
  • Step #2 Document the Journey.
  • Step #3 Testing Your Material: Dean Graziosi mentions how popular comedians seem to be funny 100% of their shows. They only keep the jokes that works.
  • Step #4 Introduction to Your Dream 100: Reach Out to Your dream 100 and try to become a guest on their shows. You will receive a lot of ‘no’, but one ‘yes’ makes others in.


“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” -Dan Kennedy 

traffic secrets 1080x597 1

The best kind of traffic is grown organically. It is possible to obtain some traffic through paid ads. But Russell suggests we work beyond just paid traffic for lasting, consistent success.

Social Media Reset. Unfollow the nonsense talkers. Follow ONLY your dream 100. Also, find the most engaged groups and pages. Engage in only those.

Three retargeting audiences. (1) Engaged (2) Landed (3) Owned

Don’t Try to Be EverywhereFocus on one platform at first. Russell believes that ‘being everywhere’ is arguably the most harmful advice to a new entrepreneur who doesn’t have the money to outsource their social media.

Facebook Secrets

The book provides a history of each of these platforms. There are 2.7 billion Facebook users. This statistic means there are more Facebook users in the world than Catholics. 

The goal of Facebook – Get more people to spend time on platforms so they can sell more ads.

Building Your Facebook Dream 100. Start with fan pages then add their personal profiles if possible Finding your dream 100 is an “every time,” and ongoing thing. This turns your social profile into the ultimate market research tool.

The goal is to plug into an ecosystem of 1 million people.

Facebook Groups – bring together groups of people with similar passions and goals. Use these spaces to share some of your content

Optimize your profile. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting impact on this potential customer. So make your profile clear and informative.

Keep direct promotions off your personal profile. You can and should use it to brand yourself but be careful with promotions and aggressive ads.

“Do you need a personal page or a fan page?  You need both. You need personal for relationships (working in) and fan page for buying in. 

FB Messenger is your distribution channel. Be very careful and don’t spam.

Use messenger messages as conversations rather than straight messages or direct sales. 3 Ways to Grow Your Messenger:

  1. Messenger pop up on fan page
  2. On Landing pages 
  3. Lead magnet from the post (triggered by keyword or action)

Google Traffic Secrets

If we can align with Google’s core goals, they will send us an almost unlimited amount of traffic for free.

Google Dream 100 is 2 parts. (1) Bloggers (2) Keywords 

Start with the top 10 keywords. Then, find 9 long-tail keywords for each. Use Google Autofill for this. Or, scroll down to the bottom of Google and see 8 related search terms.  

Work Your Way In. Outreach to people linking to competitors 

Focus on building content that is highly linkable. People link to great content that makes them look good.

Find sites ranking for your dream keywords and get on them!

  1. Buy a solo ad in the newsletter boxes
  2. Add Google Adsense
  3. Banners? Contact and buy. 
  4. Try to get a backlink

Two Types of Paid Google Ads. (1)Search (2) Display

Youtube Secrets

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. 

YouTube Algorithms are built to keep people on YouTube as long as possible. 

YouTube Videos grow exponentially. FB Lives last for a few days, YouTube videos are forever.

You can buy ads that will be placed in front of any monetized videos.

Build out 2 dream 100 lists. (1) One for influencers on YouTube (2) One for your 100 dream keywords.

Anatomy of Channel

  • Channel Name: Focus on branding
  • About Us: This shows who you are and what you do
  • Header Image
  • Profile image: Use a picture of yourself instead of a logo
  • Channel Trailer and Description:  shown only to nonsubscribers

Youtube Playlists encourages people to “binge watch” and will boost your entire channel.

Collaborate with other influencers and help grow each others channels.

“After the Slaps and the Snaps” : Podcasting

Apples Podcast Ranking Algorithm

  1. New subscribers 
  2. Number of downloads
  3. Number of comments 

When a new subscriber listens to episode 50 and likes it, they will likely go back to episode 1 and binge listen to it. 

Conversation Domination. Russell records content for an entire week for almost every platform in just a few hours. (For the experts only)


When Instagram launched in 2010, it was one of the fastest-growing social media sites. It has since passed over a billion active users. 

Russell’s friend, Jenna Kutcher, provides her own tip called the JK5 method: Pick 5 categories that you’re passionate about. Pictures should rotate around these categories. Don’t put two posts back to back in the same categories.

Crafting a killer Insta Bio. Get inspiration from your dream 100.

Never post in real time. Plan our posts in advance. Real time posting is for Instagram stories.

Create albums in your phone for each category and store pictures to never run out of content.

Use the “ABCDQ Test” before posting anything.

  • Aesthetic: Does it visually show something that fits the personality of the brand?
  • Brand: Is it aligned with my dream client or something they will engage with?
  • Consistent: Is it consistent in terms of color or quality to fit within my feed?
  • Diversity: Is this something different from my last post? Does it create recognition beyond what I sell?
  • Quality: Is this up to the quality I want my clients/followers to expect? If this stood alone would it fit my brand?

Story goals. Inspire, educate, entertain.

Types of Captions. Tell a story. Ask a question. Make a list.

Use up to 30 Hashtags – Can be in the caption or first comment (covert). 

EVERY post needs a “call to action”. Can be as simple as “double-tap”, “share,” “tag friends,” or “post an emoji.” These improves your algorithm

Replying to Comments builds good will and increases future engagement.

IGTV: 3-6 minutes long. Refine your best engaging content into more polished, longer videos.

IG Stories. Your reality show. The most powerful way to build a relationship with your audience.

Story Highlights. Your highlights are one of the first things that people who follow you will see.

Do Question and Answer Collabs with dream 100. Interview them. Buy or swap shout outs from influencers. 


The Funnel Hub: A home website for your own stuff.

Traffic Secrets Buyers Quide

Utilize other people’s core distribution channels

Find out how to tap it from your dream 100.

  • Distribution Channel #1: Solo Ads. 
  • Distribution #2 and #3 FB Messenger + Desktop Push
  • Other: Direct mail, postcards, SMS, FB Groups, LinkedIn groups, Forums

Create an Affiliate Army in 5 steps:

  1. Recruit
  2. Make them affiliates
  3. Give them reason to promote
  4. Train them to be better
  5. Compensate your affiliates 

Send out packages (lumpy mail) to affiliates to get them to promote.

2 Affiliate Motivations:

  1. Quality and alignment with their audience
  2. Maximizing money

Added Incentives for Affiliates to Promote:

  1. New launch
  2. Their turn on a rolling launch
  3. Something new or special 

Approaching Cold Traffic

Step #1 Create Cold Traffic Customer Avatar. They are 6-12 months behind

Step #2 Create a Bridge. Find what makes them go from unaware to aware.

Other Growth Hacks

  1.  Dropbox gave additional storage if you linked Twitter and FB
  2. Facebook encouraged users to add their contacts so they could see other users, then they will email them to join FB
  3. Hotmail added a PS signature that said “P.S: I love you. Hey, your free email at”

View to get FREE resources.

Here Are the 8 Books That Was Mentioned in Traffic Secrets

#1 Dream 100 by Dana Derricks 

#2 Integration Marketing by Mark Joyner 

#3 Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty by Harvey MacKay 

#4 The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes 

#5 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck 

#6 Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M Schwartz 

#7 The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris 

#8 The Robert Collier Letter Book

In Conclusion

Traffic Secrets is a must-read for anyone who wants to start and grow a business online. It tells you the step by step process of acquiring the right traffic to make you are successful because having not enough traffic means no sales.

I suggest you read it together with the first two of the Secrets trilogy, you will get a more comprehensive course in building your online business.

Where to Get Traffic Secrets?

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